Step to commercialise Universities capabilities

Areas of Interest

Scientific Research output


Commercialising scientific research output after being evaluated by our Scientific and business team and then selecting the right industrial partner.

Technical Services


Enabling the industrial sector to benefit from universities' capabilities, equipped labs and researchers` competencies in the areas such asfor R&D,QC,and Regulatory Affair.  

Consultation and Training


Commercialisation academic experiences in consultations and training model   

Academia Industry joint Funding


support both parties in securing funding for Joint Venture Projects .

Community Services


We are committed to help the local community working on homemade products such as cosmetics and medical herbs.Regulatory and technical support to make those products compliant to requirments.

Global Projects Partnerships


Foster the collaboration between local partners with regional and global partners and funding agencies  

JAIP Customers


Academic Customers



JAIP allows researchers to insert their competencies and potential groundbreaking researches and introduces them to the right industrial partner. JAIP translates scientific Language into business proposal.  


Industrial Customers

  JAIP allows industrial professionals to view universities` technologies and competencies, insert their inquiry and interest in a simple interface. JAIP  introduces them  to the right university contact to start a discussion.


JAIP Responsibilities


   JAIP Designed a project management model to Asses parties’ collaboration and offers parties with meaningful and productive introduction,performing business viability.

Moreover JAIP is dedicating to  parties` data, intellectual property, confidentiality as well as legal rights. JAIP inspects and supports contracts and agreements between parties. 

Global Partners

CCE Software



JAIP represents CCE Software integrates the latest web and mobile technologies with legacy platforms. We bring together an array of options to build, test and support software applications that address life science Industry needs.  

Medical Rep and Doctor Management

GMP/FDA Compliant SOP Management for Pharmaceuticals

GMP Compliant ERP   





JAIP represents CE.way is a regulatory consulting company providing testing and regulatory services, including the EU Responsible person services, for the cosmetics industry.