Technical & Consultation Services

  • Contract Manufacturing Service:

    Discover your potential in the fields of cosmetics, medical supplies, and dietary supplements with our specially designed services for you. We specialize in developing formula using exceptional facilities in Jordan and beyond through contract manufacturing services.
    What does Contract Manufacturing Service offer?

    • Lower cost: Using primarily specialized facilities saves you infrastructure costs.
    • Flexibility: Scaling production based on demand without increasing capacity.
    • Quality assurance: Maintaining high standards through precise inspections of all products.
    • Focus on growth: Allowing specialists to handle manufacturing while you focus on innovation and marketing.
    • Organized logistics: Managing the manufacturing and registration process entirely from sourcing materials to final product delivery.
    • Ensuring the success of your product in the market while complying with local and international regulations.

  • Certified logo Services:

    We provide a service for placing logos on your products, such as vegan, organic, and natural logos, in collaboration with our accredited partners in various countries.
    What types of logos do we offer?

    • Vegan Logo: To confirm that your products are entirely free from animal-derived ingredients, catering perfectly to those adhering to a vegan lifestyle.
    • Organic Logo: A symbol indicating your commitment to environmentally friendly agricultural practices when manufacturing your product, emphasizing:
      • No use of synthetic pesticides or chemical fertilizers.
      • Environmentally friendly methods that promote soil health and biodiversity.
      • Standards of animal care in organic animal products.
    • Natural Logo: To confirm that your products are made from natural ingredients or derived from nature, free from artificial additives.

  • CE Marking Services for Medical Device

    Our comprehensive CE Marking services ensure that your medical devices and cosmetic products meet all the requirements of the European Union and safety standards. Your success in the European Union is our top priority!

    • Determine Device Classification
    • Conformity Assessment Procedure
    • Compliance with Essential Requirements
    • Technical Documentation Preparation or Design Dossier
    • Engaging with a Notified Body (if required)
    • Submit Application
    • Affixing the CE Mark

  • Regulatory Compliance for FDA 510k, Over-The-Counter (OTC) Drug Approvals, Cosmetics, and Medical Supplies

    Our specialized team provides 510(k) clearance services, guiding you through the regulatory process of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), making your entry into the healthcare sector in the United States seamless.

    • FDA 510(k) Regulatory Compliance for Medical Devices:
    • Determine Device Classification
    • Conduct Predicate Device Comparison
    • Compile Documentation
    • Submit to FDA
    • FDA Review and Clearance

    • Over-The-Counter (OTC) Drug Approvals:
    • Drug Listing
    • OTC Monograph Compliance
    • Labeling and Marketing Compliance

    • Cosmetics Regulatory Compliance
    • product Assessment
    • Labeling Compliance

  • CPNP Notification Services for cosmetics product
    • Creation or Review of Product Information File (PIF): Ensuring compliance with European Union requirements.
    • Review of Product Composition and Packaging Design: Verification of alignment with European Union standards.
    • Facilitating Necessary Tests and Certificates: Obtaining safety certificates and conducting required tests in certified European Union laboratories.
    • Responsible Person (RP) Services: Essential for product approval and trading in European Union countries.
    • Product Registration on European Union Platform: Securing the necessary Notification number (CPNP) for product trading.

  • EU, USA and GCC Exportation Consultation for cosmetics, Medical device and Food