AHL Syria Project

JAIP, managed by Dr. Khaled Khreisat and in partnership with Jordanian universities, was able to implement the funded program AHL Syria, which aimed at Syrian medical and healthcare staff all over the world. AHL Syria is a project to create a learning e-platform for healthcare staff with the primary objective of offering high-level courses, diplomas, and educational programs across various domains to bolster the their skills and knowledge. The ultimate goal is to contribute to the reconstruction of the healthcare industry in Syria.

The AHL Syria Program has focused on two main sectors:

  1. Pharmacy Program

  2. Healthcare Program

  1. The AHL Syria project in the pharmacy sector focused on the following five programs:

  • Health Tech Solutions in Pharmacy: This program aims to equip pharmacists with best practices in health tech solutions, enabling them to create innovative technical solutions for their work and improve patient care. It also enhances their ability to manage and utilize new technologies in healthcare services.

  • OTC Program: This program intends to educate pharmacists about over-the-counter medications, allowing them to identify safe and appropriate medications for patients without the need for a physician's consultation. It aims to increase medication safety and reduce potential risks.

  • Quality Management System: The Quality Management System program provides pharmacists with the best practices in quality management within the pharmaceutical industry. It focuses on improving manufacturing and production processes and increasing job opportunities for pharmacists, thereby contributing to community stability.

  • Community Pharmacy and Outpatient Program: This program focuses on equipping pharmacists with best practices in community pharmacy and outpatient care. It aims to enhance the quality of services provided by pharmacists, improve pharmacy management, and promote community stability.

  • Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing Training: This program is designed to provide pharmacists with best practices in pharmaceutical sales and marketing. It helps pharmacists professionally communicate information about new medications and increases their job opportunities, further contributing to community stability.

  1. The AHL Syria project in the Healthcare sector focused on the following three programs:

  • Emergency Nursing Course: AHL Syria offers an Emergency Nursing program designed to provide high-quality, outcome-driven, and engaging education. This program is ideal for those looking to enhance their skills in emergency nursing.

  • Health Care Facilities Management Certificate: AHL Syria provides a Health Care Facilities Management Certificate program. Participants gained valuable knowledge and skills in managing healthcare facilities efficiently and effectively through the engaging e-learning platform.

  • Outbreak Investigation & Response Certification Program: AHL Syria offered a comprehensive certification program in Outbreak Investigation & Response. Enroll in this program to develop expertise in handling and responding to disease outbreaks, ensuring the delivery of high-quality education through its e-learning module.