Signing a Cooperation Agreement Between the Middle East University and JAIP Company

  • 2023
  • An agreement of cooperation has been signed between Middle East University and JAIP Company. The agreement was signed on behalf of the university by Dr. Nawzat Jbour Al-Majali Dean of the College of Pharmacy, and on behalf of the company by Dr. Khaled Khraisat, the General Manager.
  • The aim of this agreement is to activate collaboration in the fields of scientific research and networking with the industrial sector in the areas of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Through this agreement, the university will provide the necessary facilities for researchers in the scientific colleges to submit their research and expertise tailored to serve the healthcare and cosmetic industries, such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics manufacturing, among others. Additionally, the company will provide an electronic platform for researchers from the university to submit their research and all technical support services for the projects undertaken by researchers to ensure their alignment with the requirements of the industrial sector.